Allen Sweatt

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Thank you for sharing the news about the Arizona legislators placing into law the right for (Christian) dining establishments to deny or refuse the right for persons of LBGTQ community from receiving service from these establishments.

When I saw your Facebook posting with a sign from a dining establishment stating that they reserve the right to refuse Arizona Legislators, I felt a rush of anger and applauded the establishment for getting back at the legislators with their outward display of their signage.

After talking this out with you and truly looking at this for exactly what it is, outright discrimination, I begin to feel another rush of anger.  Your continued engagement with me and four simple words from The Whole Family Coaching, “No judgment, Just love” immediately softened my feelings of anger.

No judgment, just love resounds in my head as I reflect on my own interaction with people on a daily basis.  Simply saying this out loud brings me a sense of peace and also, in this case, helps me to have a certain level of empathy for the Arizona Legislators.

It is my hope that this will not escalate to any level of negative energy and that “No judgment, just love” can be viewed in respect to how we look upon all peoples no matter what race, ethnicity, religion, lack of religion, lifestyle choice, age or whatever difference one may have, no judgment, just love.

Thank you ShaRon and to the Arizona Legislators I can only say, no judgement, just love!


Allen Sweatt, CPS

Allen Sweatt

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