Bragging Rights!

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Bragging Rights | NJJL When I was little, you were frowned upon if you bragged about yourself. And as a little kid, I followed the crowd, downplayed my good qualities and spent most of my time complaining about what I didn’t do well. Then in high school I didn’t feel comfortable receiving all the praise about how talented I was as a young actress, and yes, I said actress not actor. (:

Bragging Or Acknowledging?

Even though I sat in the front of the highest Math, English, History and Language classes in high school, I didn’t talk about how smart I was. I thought I was being humble, by not bragging or acknowledging my accomplishments. .

But overtime, not acknowledging the things I did well led me to judge myself, and question my abilities. It became hard for me to “tell it like it is” and I found myself softening or lessening my personal and professional strengths, so I wouldn’t appear boastful.

Well, Hooey on that now!!

Be Who You Are

There is a difference between bragging and acknowledging the truth of who you are.

I am no longer judging myself as unworthy, soft or less than, trying to fit into someone else’s idea of what was or is acceptable. I am smart, talented, kind, fun loving, optimistic, an excellent businesswoman, a loyal friend, a conscious parent, a confident loving woman and my list goes on. I’m proud and thankful that I am willing now to talk about my strong qualities in a confident and respectful way to myself and out loud when I choose!

Share Your Story

What about you?

All judgments aside – What are at least 3 things you admire about yourself? Share in the comments below.

Inquiring minds want to know. (:

Thanks everyone,

No Judgment Just Love.

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  1. People, women, ready to be proud, and to have it out there, even if privately, these are my people, my muse for my fine art boudoir. Only they are ready, and it is they who value themselves enough.

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