Caring For Your No Judgment. Just Love.™ Charm

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How to Clean Your No Judgment. Just Love.™ Charm
Naturally and with a Product

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I wear my No Judgment Just Love™ Charm almost every day! And if you are wearing yours often, you may notice it getting dirty. Here are two ways to clean it and keep it looking shiny and new.


What is the No Judgment. Just Love.™ Charm (NJJL Charm) made of?

The NJJL™ Charm is made of lead free pewter and is 1 1/4″ tall by 1″ wide by 1/8″ thick.  The front of the charm has a smooth polished finish for engraving.


What is the Ball Chain Necklace that came with my NJJL™ Charm made of?

The Ball Chain is 30” long and made of nickel plated brass.


Can I get the NJJL™ Charm or Ball Chain wet?

Yes, you can get the Ball Chain and the NJJL Charm wet and use a cotton cloth to wipe them dry, if you choose. Otherwise air drying is fine.

If you rub the cloth on the Charm, and see the cloth start to turn black, this is normal and will not harm the Charm. The black that you see is all the impurities coming off of the charm.  The more black you see the dirtier the charm was. When you clean your charm, the protective coating will not come off unless you try to clean it with some type of chemical based cleaner like acetone, or paint/lacquer thinner. Otherwise the protective coating on the NJJL™ Charm is there for the life of the charm. 


What can I use to clean and shine my NJJL™ Charm? Basically, how do I care for it?

Use a product – Blue Magic.
Blue Magic, it’s used for polishing chrome and it does a wonderful job on polishing pewter as well. (The NJJL™ Charm is made of pewter) Look for Blue Magic on, or locally at Ace Hardware or Auto Zone. Follow the instructions on the package.

To clean it naturally, search the Internet for options. We found this 6 step process to clean blackened pewter naturally without purchasing commercially produced cleaners.

Step 1. Dissolve one teaspoon salt into one cup of vinegar.

Step 2. Add enough flour to form a paste.

Step 3. Rub the paste onto blackened pewter. Use a clean and soft cloth to rub in the paste.

Step 4. Leave to dry. As the paste dries, it will continue to work its magic on the blackened pewter.

Step 5. Rinse off with warm water. Dampen a clean and soft cloth in warm water and rub over the pewter to remove the paste.

Step 6. Leave to dry. Wipe over with a paper towel for added sparkle.


We are grateful you’ve joined us and so many people who are moving from negative to positive buy purchasing the No Judgment Just Love™ Charm for themselves and others. We are well on our way to Inspiring Humanity to see each other through the eyes of love!

Thank you,
ShaRon Rea

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