Lupita Castro

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Thank you so much for giving us the tools that we need to deal with our “independent 20 years old and still at home” daughter. My husband and I have been so stressed and having disagreement about her.  She never wants to spend time with us and always gets home so late that is almost morning.  I shared with my husband that it was important to trust ourselves that we have raised her right and we have given her all the tools that she needs to be a successful individual. As parents we need to trust that she is going to make the right decisions, even if that means learning by her own mistakes.  We need to practice No Judgment. Just Love with her and with ourselves.

He did a big sight and said me ʺthank you, for sharing this with meʺ  Obviously, we want our daughter to do good and to be successful, however we need to understand that now, it’s up to her to do that.

After this conversation, he was able to breath in his own home.  Although there is still a lot to deal with, we keep reminder ourselves that we did the best we could as parents and to practice no judgment, just love our daughter for what she is.

Little by little, there has been more communication between my husband and our daughter and I don’t have to be the referee between the two.

We appreciate you so much

Lupita Castro

John & Lupita Castro

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