New Gift Idea This Holiday Season

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Gift Idea | No Judgment. Just Love.Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Say…

“I Love You” in a way that’s different!
A way that reaches to the core
and is unexpected.
A way that says –
I love you fully and completely with
No Judgment. Just Love. ™

It’s Holiday Time

That holiday spirit might be hard to feel these days. The news is constantly showing us so much anger, suffering and separation. People are not being heard, respected or validated. The divide is clear and present. But it is not only in towns that you might think you are disconnected from. That same lack of “knowing who I really am” could be felt by someone close to you.

Your mother who gives so much to others and so little for herself. To your father who you know is relevant in your life, even though society is still catching up to the fact that dads are valuable too. Your children, especially your teenagers who are trying to discover who they are and how they fit into this world. The elderly who were once fully engaged in productive ways and are now searching for meaning as the moments slip by. A local merchant from another culture who is thankful to for you using their services or shopping in their stores. You may even feel unappreciated yourself. I write this message because I’ve had moments like that too, of being unheard, unacknowledged or invisible.

Imagine how it would feel to receive a gift that acknowledges who you really are.  Then imagine how it would feel to give such a gift. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Boxing Day and more, include gift giving in their celebrations.

Give Love in an Unexpected Way This Holiday Season!

New Gift Idea

Give the No Judgment. Just Love. ™ Charm.

The open heart right in the center of the Charm inspires us to look past our judgments, change our way of thinking and simply see each other through the eyes of love. In other words – who we really are. When I wear my No Judgment. Just Love. ™ Charm, I rediscover the true meaning of the holiday season, and frankly I want this feeling of peace and joy to be with me all year long.  Give unconditional love.  Give the gift of No Judgment. Just Love. ™ Charms. 

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Warmest Holiday Blessings,

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