There’s A Scorpion In The House And You Did What?!?

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I live in Arizona and scorpions live here too. I would like them to stay in their natural “outside” home. But on occasion they find their way inside my house and I do not like it, not one little bit. Here’s my story about No Judgment. Just Love.™ and scorpions.

Scary Creatures

I used to live on the east coast in New Jersey. We had very different pests that were bothersome and plentiful like mosquitoes, roaches and mice. They were a constant annoyance and pretty disgusting when they got into the house, but they didn’t really hurt you. Here in Arizona, these pests are deadly! We’ve got rattlesnakes, brown recluse spiders and scorpions. A bite from the first two and you better get big time medical help in a hurry. On the other hand, the scorpion sting may not send you to the hospital, but it can hurt pretty badly for a couple of days.

Fortunately I haven’t been stung, even though I see scorpions in my house, not a lot, but more times than I would like. They scare me with their stealthy way of hiding in the corners or blending into the color of the rug. Luckily in my current house I have a lot of white tile so I can see them from afar and make the necessary plans to get rid of them.

Every Life is Valuable

In the past I have used chemical powder outside around the edges of the house, but I stopped that for the sake of our environment and the many bunnies that visit me. Then the handy dandy hard bottomed shoe would do the trick. But each time I killed one, I felt uncomfortable and sad. I don’t like killing, even a scorpion.

And as incredible as it may sound, because I am fully committed to living with No Judgment. Just Love.™, I’ve embraced the fact that every life is valuable, even scorpions.
I believe we are all connected in ways that affect us positively or negatively. Plants, animals and yes even bugs are part of our collective energy system. Whenever possible, I take care not to harm or kill.

So I no longer smash the little suckers with a shoe, I pick them up and carry them back outside – alive and well. Yep, I really do, with a cup and board, not with my hands.
I’m not that brave.




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