sharonMany years ago I resigned from my “job” with an idea to start a business and a burning desire in my soul to help people. At the time I was thinking, “This decision was either courageous or crazy!” But I had to follow my passion instead of settling for less. So I jumped out on my own, to create my company -The Whole Family Coaching. I coach with an open heart and from the place of No Judgment. Just Love™. The clients I serve and friends, who come to me for advice, give testimony that they feel safe, loved and accepted with me. They are as comfortable releasing their pain as they are sharing their joys.

No Judgment. Just Love™ is the foundation for my company and it’s also the way I am living my life. You might be thinking – “That’s easier said than done.” But I am the optimist’s optimist. I believe that absolutely everything is possible, including living in a world where people accept each other just as they are. It is a more peaceful life for me. I am stress free most of the time, because I am focusing on my happiness and not someone else’s behaviors. Which by the way, I have no control over anyway.

In my past I have been wrongly accused, left out, misunderstood, talked about, disrespected, severely judged and it hurts. Not only did those judgments come from people who don’t even know me, they came from my family, my friends, and especially from me judging myself.

With practice, negative judgments about other people crop up less and less, but my mind still goes there sometimes. When that happens I exercise what I call my “Mental Gymnastics” to quickly move from negative thoughts to positive thoughts, recognizing that the person I am judging is doing the best they can- just like me.

At some point in our lives, I think many of us have felt uncomfortable because of the stares, whispers or deliberate judgments directed at us.

I am now on a global mission to bring more love into our world because I believe we need each other to survive and prosper. So I designed and created the No Judgment. Just Love™ Charm. This Charm has deep meaning for me. I see an open heart too big to be contained. It is free, clear and available. It motivates me to give and receive love in abundance. It reminds me to live the message of No Judgment. Just Love™. I wear my Charm as a necklace and carry another one with me on my key ring.

The No Judgment. Just Love™ Charm is the ultimate gift to give to yourself, your loved ones and even to someone you’ve just met who you think needs this message.

My global mission to bring more loving allowance for all people is well on its way and my story continues…
Won’t you join me and begin your own personal journey to love? Let’s inspire humanity to live together…One Charm at a time.