Imagine a world filled with people who see you beyond their first impression. An accepting world where people of every race and nationality can live in harmony sharing unconditional love, with no judgment regardless of skin color, size, love preference, or opinions. No Judgment. Just Love.®  is all about motivating each of us to look past our own judgments and show an expression of love, compassion and empathy above all else. It can happen, but it’s going to take all of us to get there.

We’re Human

Let’s face it, we all make judgments, because we’re human. Judgments are not the problem. It’s what you think, say or do after the judgment that matters. As a society, we see the homeless as outcasts and speak about them with contempt. We place the elderly on a shelf discarded. Parents judge their children for not living the way they expect them to. Nations judge other Nations and wars begin or continue for centuries. We harshly judge those we disagree and treat them as if they have no right to exist. And ultimately – the judgments we make on ourselves strike us where we are most vulnerable  – the heart of our self-worth.

Inspire Change 

Motivate yourself and inspire others to live together in peace, with less judgments and more respect for different beliefs and opinions. Because, everyone is valuable and deserves love without judgment, including you.

Join us and Take the Pledge

Let’s create a world filled with people who really do see beyond their first impressions and treat each other well
…because of your actions.

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