Let’s create a #nojudgmentjustloveworld

Imagine a world filled with people who see beyond their initial impressions. A world at peace in the understanding, that each one of us is unique and valuable. A new world where people share unconditional allowance for all things, moving away from their preconceived, disapproving notions about a person’s size, abilities, gender, temperament, relationship preference, race, nationality and so on.

This harmonious new world prospers in ways we have not yet envisioned, but in our dreams we live fully in this place of worldwide peace and abundance. Our dreams are becoming real through the practice of No Judgment. Just Love.®


Because…It’s time.

We’re Human

Let’s face it, we all make judgments because we’re human. It’s natural and automatic. It’s helpful to make judgments about our environment, our relationships and for our safety. We judge all the time. So there is no judgment, even on the judging!
Judgments are not the problem. It’s what you think, say or do after the judgment that matters.


Join us and Take Action

Let’s create a world filled with people who really do
see beyond their initial impressions and treat each other well
…because of your actions.

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Thank you for helping to create a #nojudgmentjustloveworld!